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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC /CMC)

One realizes the value of an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) only when one faces a computer emergency. Find instant and cheap solutions to computer emergencies like hard drive crashes, viruses, monitor on the blink, power fluctuations, and lots more. Pay for......

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Structure Cabling

The passive network infrastructure is the base of every IT system as well as the most important part of every network with regard to security and reliability. The passive network infrastructure is a cable network system of multiple functions designed for the world of.....

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Today Serer is a basic requirement for any small to big organization. There are different types of servers required for different roles in IT infrastructure like Email server, File server, Print server, FTP server, Web server, Database server, Active Directory server, Remote ......

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Data Security:

Data is the most valuable asset for any industry, organization or person. We make sure that the data can only be accessible to those people whom the data belongs to. For that we arrange a data security solution with different types of options. We make sure ...

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Internet Security & web control

Internet is the most required service for any industry, organization and a person. At the same time, using the Internet is not without risk. Malicious actors also see opportunities to gain benefit through fraud, thwart the activities of others or cause other damage.....

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